Swimming Pools: The Ultimate in Backyard Luxury

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Swimming pools are a great way to relax, cool off and spend fun time with family and friends. If you wish to dive in anytime, and you have enough space, installing a swimming pool can provide endless hours of recreation.

If you have decided to take the plunge and invest in a backyard pool, there are several choices you will need to make. You will need accurate measurements of your yard, financing and permits. And you will want to find a reliable contractor to properly construct or install your dream swimming pool. You will also need to decide what type of pool is best for you.


Swimming Pool Options

There are several types of swimming pools and choosing your pool will have a lot to do with the space you have to work with as well as the shape and style you want. The common types of swimming pools are concrete, vinyl, fiberglass and aboveground pools.

Concrete Swimming Pool
With a concrete swimming pool, you can choose any shape or size for your pool. The contractor will excavate a hole and install reinforcing steel bars for the walls and floor. After installing the plumbing and electrical wiring, the concrete or gunite will be sprayed around and behind the rebar to create the walls and floor.

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