Looking for a Real Estate Coach?

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Your Real Estate Coach is a Financial Planning firm that helps families determine and plan for the best way to pay for Assisted Living and Long Term Care costs – no matter what the source.

When you call our office, we will do a complete comprehensive FREE assessment to see what your needs are and determine if you can take advantage of any program or resource. We will show you all your options, but ultimately it’s YOUR choice. We’re simply here to help.

You’ll likely have many questions.  We are a full staff with several offices ready to assist you not just now, but all the way through of this extensive process. Just take a look at our testimonials at the top of each page.

Because we’ve seen first hand the level of precise, timely on-going work involved in this process, we do not compromise our level of service. Take a look at How We are Different and Our Promise.  We are VERY different than any other option you might find. We encourage you to look into all your options, but are confident that you will see the value of our hands-on, high level of service.

See if you or your loved one can receive some help.

Options for your family might include from the following:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Government programs
  • Long Term Care planning*
  • Medi-Cal or Medicaid
  • Investments
  • Home Equity
  • Real Estate transactions
  • Brokerage Service
  • Life Insurance*
  • Annuities*
  • Mutual Funds
  • Legal
  • Retirement Services
  • Accounting
  • Insurance*
  • Private Fiduciary Services
  • College Savings

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