Diet for conceiving a girl-foods to conceive a girl

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Did you know that some special foods can actually increase the chance to conceive a girl?Yes,there are some diet for conceiving a girl and we called them baby girl making diet.

Ever wondered how to conceive a girl with diet? Baby girl making diet can help you to conceive a girl. When it comes to babies, many people prefer to have a baby girl. Do not ask me the reason why or why there is such an inclination for people to give birth to girl. But many people have a pre-conceived notion that it is in the hands of God. I guess in this modern world with so many technological advancements, talking about God taking care of your fate is not advisable. I am not trying any blasphemy. But the fact is that you can decide the sex of the child you are going to conceive by your diet. Yes friends and I am not joking. The recent study at Maastricht University in the Netherlands showed that the preferences in mother’s diet play an important role in the outcome of their future baby’s gender.


How diet conceiving a girl works?

Here is the reason. You will get a baby boy if the Y sperm reaches and fertilizes the egg first. If the opposite happens, you will conceive a girl. It is known that X sperm is usually stronger and lives longer than Y sperm. Y sperm can not survive for very long in women’s vaginal if it is highly acidic, while girl sperm won’t have any problem with this. So, if you want to conceive a girl, you’d better to get your acidity and PH as high as you can.You can to do this through your diet and what you eat.

What food to eat for conceiving a girl?
If you want to conceive a girl, you should choose the following foods:

Magnesium-rich foods

High in calcium and magnesium foods
canned salmon

Wholemeal bread
Dairy products
Microwave meals
Fast food
Tinned food
White bread

Consume Foods With A High Quantity Of Sodium

Consume A Large Quantity Of Calories

If you are looking for the diet for conceiving a girl, you can try the above mentioned foods,but remember,there are many other baby gender selection methods are very useful in increasing your chances of conceiving a girl. Good Luck!

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