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Welcome to Best hair salon ballantyne where we strive to provide you with healthy hair with style.

Cassandra also known as Mz StyleStudio is owner and master stylist at hair salon ballantyne. Licensed and working in the industry for over 16 years and he continues to stay educated bringing her clients the latest and trendiest hair styles.

Trending Styles

  • Hot Style 1- Mohawk

    The Mohawk is a trendy and edgy look that can be worn in multiple ways. The Mohawk hair style has been around for many years and continues to remain a fun and unique hair style worn by both man and women alike

  • Hot Style 2 – Extensions

    Extensions are worn as a protective hair style for women that are either transitioning, growing their hair, to add length, or just for a different look. Extensions if installed properly can be fun and a low maintenance hair style of the busy working women.

  • Hot Style 3 – The Bob

    The Bob is a hair styles that is timeless. It is a trendy hairstyle yet has been worn for decades by women with just a little tweaking over the years.

  • Hot Style 4 – Razor Cut

    Razor cuts are becoming a very popular request in salons. Razor cuts can give a edgy, trendy, classy, and chic look and can be done in multiple ways.

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