Air Conditioning Repair Matthews NC

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Air conditioning repair can be very expensive when you have to call in an expert. Of course there are times when an expensive repair is inescapable, but you can troubleshoot your system first, before calling in an expert.


 DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips 

Here are a few things you can try if your air conditioning repair system is in need of mend, not running at all or maybe just blowing less than cool air:

  • Check your breaker

If the unit won’t come on at all your breaker could have dripped. If you have many appliances, lights and other things on the same electricity breaker often it will trip and the air conditioning repair will not work. This is a quick check that can save you a lot of money, frustration, and even humiliation.


  • Examine your thermostat

This is another part of the complex system that can cause you a lot of money and suffering. If the unit is battery operated, it may only require new batteries. Make sure you have the thermostat set for a temperature below your room temperature. Insure that the unit is not turned off or set to just have the fan blow. Settings can get unintentionally changed.

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