4 Power Features of Google Adwords Editor

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Managing your Google Adwords campaign can become a breeze with the Google Adwords editor. This offline tool can be pinned to your desktop to assist you in managing your Adwords campaign. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes because you only save the changes after you hit the “Post Changes” button. It also has an undo feature which you can activate by highlighting the errors and hitting “Revert Selected Changes.”


Four power features are at your fingertips that will help you make global changes into your campaign structure.

1. Copy/Paste/Drag/Drop

If you would like to copy or move all of your campaigns or adgroups, then you can do so with the Google Adwords Editor. You can even do this across two different Adwords accounts. This is handy if you have several campaigns going on and you would like a template for these campaigns. Copying language or scheduling settings from one Adwords campaign to another becomes so easy that you will have more time in your hands for other aspects of your business.

Dragging and dropping adgroups, ads, or keywords from one part of your account to another can also be done, but remember that this will delete the item from your source.

2. Replace and Append Text

This function in the Google Adwords Editor is a timesaver, especially if you would like to tweak keywords in an ad that is essentially the same as the new ad. This is also nifty when you’re creating different landing pages for various keywords or keyword phrases. You can easily change the destination URLs for your ads using this same feature.

The “Append Text” feature in the Google Adwords Editor allows you to add a certain text before or after the keyword or destination URL. This tool can be used when you want to create expansions of a list of keywords. If you want to add “buy now” to the beginning of a product list, the append tool can work wonders and save you from tedious work. You can also add tracking parameters to your URL using the “Append Text” tool.

3. Submit several exception requests at once

If you are using a trademark or a pharmaceutical name, your ads may be rejected because it violates Google Adwords policies. But don’t worry because you can submit a request for exception. If you do so, a Google employee will review your request and approve them if they see that you are not violating any terms. If you have several keywords or ads that were rejected, you can easily submit mass exception requests by highlighting them and submitting the requests at the same time.

4. Account Snapshots

Using the Google Adwords Editor, you can save a “snapshot” of your account including statistics for a specific period. You can have this as a backup or as a means to share data if there are other people who are making decisions in your Adwords campaign. A snapshot can be an excellent tool if you would like to propose some changes in your Adwords campaign and have them approved before posting.

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