10 important things to look for when choosing a chiropractor

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10 important things to look for when choosing a chiropractor

#1. Are you a provider for my insurance program? We are a provider for most insurance programs including Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, PHCS and United as well as many others.

#2. I’m afraid of getting my neck or back cracked. What other types of treatments do you offer? We have a highly advanced computer system that can analyze and treat the spine using a gentle vibration, so there’s no cracking, twisting, or popping. It is a painless adjustment. The computer automatically stops treatment when the adjustment is made to prevent over or under treatment.
#3. I’m concerned about money? We offer many financial options including discount and monthly payment programs.
#4. How long have the Doctors been in practice? Dr. Carter and Dr Schulman have been practicing for over 14 years and have treated thousands of patients.
#5. Many health care offices make you wait after the appointment time. What is your policy on that? Everyone is pressed for time so we make your time our priority. Most visits are seen within 5 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.

#6. I’m always so busy. Do you offer same day appointments or Saturday hours? In most cases, we can see you the same day you call, during our business hours and we are open on Saturday.

#7. Do you offer therapy after the adjustments to decrease the pain, inflammation, and to stabilize the spine? We believe that after a treatment, therapy should be utilized to help with recovery.
#8. I’m concerned about having more pain or soreness after my treatment, how do you help prevent that? Warming up your spine prior to an adjustment can help prevent injury, soreness, and pain. In our office, we have the patients warm up before the adjustments. Just like you wouldn’t go to a gym and pick up the heaviest weight you can find without warming up, the muscles of the spine are no different. Injuries are more common with a “cold” spine.
#9. If the conditions I have needs additional medical help, do you have a medical doctor that you work with? We work directly with a neurologist that can assist us in diagnosing and treating various conditions.
#10. How do I know my progress while receiving treatment from you?
A: Knowing when a condition is resolved is vital, that’s why we graph our patient’s progress.


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